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Friday, August 27, 2010

When It Thunders and Howls

The Husband was livid yesterday when he came home to see a chunk of our staircase somewhat sculpted by Milo's teeth. And so he thundered to the children and I that Milo was under no circumstances to come into the house.

"Petunia, it's a dog!"

The news spread through The Family like wildfire causing widespread consternation. Even gentle Joy remonstrated very gently... "Ma'am... he cannot come downstairs even when it rains, Ma'am?" and then her eyes spoke volumes of disapproval and disappointment. I knew better than to quarrel with The Husband over this but I did try some reverse psychology.

"Ummm... would you prefer that we get rid of Milo then?" I said somewhat sulkily. I had hoped that The Husband would realise that he loved Milo after all (for I know that he does love Milo), and would reconsider his decision. But The Husband was not to be moved.

"You know very well that that is not an option. We are not getting rid of him because he's our dog. We'll have him stay outside until the new house is ready and he can run in the garden. Petunia, dogs are not supposed to come into the house. When I lived in my kampong, the dogs stayed outside in rain or shine."

So, we've put up this really ugly groundsheet rather haphazardly over his kennel, and attached it to the iron grilles... and no matter how hard Milo begs, he has to stay dry inside his kennel whilst the groundsheet prevents excess raindrops from splashing into his dry little hole.

But that does not prevent Milo from staring at me in mute silence with eyes drowning in misery whilst I sit in my study to work. Oh I wish that the new house would be ready soon.

It doesn't help that up high in a penthouse, the winds howl like banshees at a party... On one occasion, the winds toppled the trellises AND the 3m frangipani tree!! Poor little Milo presently looks like the Little Match Stick Girl in his kennel under the flimsy groundsheet.


Malar said...

Poor Milo! Hope your husband will change his mind after seeing his innocent eyes! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I empathise with The Husband! And not only because animals/dogs are a bit difficult to persuade not to do things that u n I won't do in any case -- out of sheer common sense and without having to be told!
Dogs have four legs and if they paddle all over the place outside and then come in, without having their paws wiped, who knows what thingies they are bringing in?
And we can't ask them to put on house slippers when they come in! :P

petunialee said...

Malar - He's a meanie The Husband... We sat around the dining table with all of us throwing little barbs about dog cruelty and such like... and The Husband just said "If you say anymore, we will get rid of him".

petunialee said...

Auntie Lucia - Hmmmmph! Now you've gone and done it!! I was hoping for an uprising of readers against Mr Meanie but you've taken his side instead. He's gonna be gloating over your comment right through the week, I'll tell ya that!!

I was in 2 minds about posting your comment or even editing it to read "I don't empathise with.... because animals/dogs are easy to persuade..." Just a few small changes that don't really interfere with the message...

Blur Ting said...

Only dog owners will understand and feel sorry for Milo.

In the case of our Bodhi, he has grown up in the open field and is happy to be roaming about during a thunderstorm but Milo is different because he is used to the comforts of a home. It will take a while for him to adjust.

I've also grown up with mongrels in our kampong and they were so rugged, they never had to visit a vet once.

termite said...

pet, try looking for doggie socks :o if i remember correctly they do have that, but would milo wear it lol.

here i found some links for you :P
this one has a price list the 2nd one i don't see it.

petunialee said...

Hmmmm... I don't think The Husband would change his mind even with doggie socks...