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Friday, November 23, 2018

50% A* Rate

Last year, we had a 40% A* rate and one B. This year, we have a 50% A* rate and no B. I hope we can do even better next year. In PSLE2018, we sent in 16 students to PSLE. We have 8 A* and 8 A.

26 Nov 2018: Edited to 9 A*... I left out 1 person. We now have a 56% A* rate.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Word Bouquets 2018

Here are our Word Bouquets for the Year 2018. 

This is a mainstream child.

This is a gifted child.

This is a mainstream child.

This is a mainstream child.

This is a mainstream child.

Parent Coaching Client 1.

Parent Coaching Client 2.

Parent Coaching Client 3.

Parent Coaching Client 4.

Parent Coaching Client 5.

Parent Coaching Client 6.

Parent Coaching 7.

Parent Coaching 8.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Game of Thrones Fashion

Woollen sweaters are costly. I mean, 100% woollens are costly. So, I decided to learn to knit. I set about my task with much enthusiasm and determination. By hook and by crook, I was going to make sweaters for my whole family.

I ordered the thickest wool yarn I could find. It was called the Crazy Sexy Wool. With a name like that, I truly believed anything that I made would be sexy. I chose thick black wool yarn for my 2 males. What can be more manly than a thick black sweater, right? Besides, everything goes with black. For years already, black has been the perennial sexy. 

I chose light brown yarn for The Daughter.

I made a normal sweater with long sleeves for The Son. He obligingly tried it on and mumbled something about hairy black gorilla. I ignored him because I was excited to get started on The Husband's sweater. Since I had run out of yarn, The Husband's sweater was a vest. It had no sleeves.

Once done, I texted him a loving message. You know, "Hello darling! See this beautiful charcoal black sweater that I made for you? I can't wait to have you wear it during the winter holidays!"

The Husband tried it on wordlessly. He smiled gently at me and then went off to bathe. A few hours later, he held me in his arms and said, "Hmmmmm... the sweater... I will wear it lah... but only at home ok? I will not wear it out of the house."

Of course, I wanted to know why. So, I probed and dug and interrogated and put him under torture. It turns out that I am married to a new age sensitive man who found the thick black wool sweater rather uncouth. His sweaters are all in fine wool yarn with pretty braids.

Me: Yes, but I dunno how to knit pretty braids!

Hub: I know. I know. You did a great job so I will wear it indoors at home.

Me: What is wrong with wearing it out? It will keep you very warm. I bought the THICKEST and the BEST 100% pure wool. It is also black. It matches everything you have.

Hub: We will be going to Italy. The best fashions come from there. That is the country that gave us the Renaissance and set the stage for every European refinement that we know today. I cannot wear that onto the streets of Italy.

Me: Why? It will keep you warm. It will be cold. You will be glad to have a warm sweater to protect you. You are old already and need to keep warm.

Hub: But... I will look like a medieval knight out of his armour!

At this point, The Daughter was giggling non-stop. In between chortles, she added her own 2 cents worth, "No... it looks worse than that! It looks like something you would throw upon a medieval peasant as you herd him onto a cart to transport him to prison."

Happily, 2 people think the sweaters are lovely. They were very happy when I gave the sweaters away to them! I shall let my family shiver this winter!