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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Woollen Sweaters

I have neglected this blog because I have been REALLY busy knitting. Knitting just chomps up time!

It started when I was exploring the types of activities that would improve children's executive functioning. I was surprised when I found that knitting could do that. Then, I found out that pure wool sweaters cost about USD$200 per piece and if I shopped for woollens online, I would need to spend close to USD$1000 for good quality woollens.

So, I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone by learning to knit...
(1) I would get cheap woollens of good quality
(2) I would understand WHY knitting could help children develop executive functioning

These are my first 2 pieces. It was a real adventure, I tell you! I had to unpick and redo rather too often. The emotional satisfaction was great though. The Daughter loved her baggy piece and Smelly Boy was very very pleased with his charcoal black piece. Up next will be a piece for The Husband, who has commented more than once that I am turning to a rather Grandmotherly sort.

That is just a perception, ok. I would have no problems doing bar top dancing as I knit (if ever the opportunity arose) and hey... Ryan Gosling knits (see HERE), and he is like Mr Testosterone in Gangster Squad. Nothing grandmotherly about him!