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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Make Heresy a Crime

This is not a war that can be won through military might. It is a war for the hearts and minds of the Islamic youth.

There are some things that only Muslims have the moral authority to say to another Muslim convincingly. The Muslims of our country need to step up to the front and convince their wayward Muslim brethren that Death and Destruction are not godly. Anyone else who says these words can be construed as religiously intolerant.

The terrorists quote from the Islamic texts. It is not enough for Muslims to back off and say, "It is not Islam. These terrorists are not Muslims." Only the Peaceful Muslims can save the world from these Murderous Muslims. Only the Peaceful Muslims can retort with healthful interpretations of the Islamic texts. This is a high stakes war of rhetoric where those Peaceful Muslims well-versed in the Quran must spar with those Murderous Muslims well-versed in the Quran.

For those of us who are not Muslim, we have a role to play too. Lee Kuan Yew went straight to the crux of the matter when he said that to stop terrorism, go after the preachers who subvert the youth.  We need to enact laws against Islamic heresy. These ideas espoused by terrorists should be considered religious heresy because they stray from the path of Peaceful Islam.

Murderous heresy should be outlawed. Us non-Muslims can help the Peaceful Muslims to fight Murderous Muslim heretics by changing the laws of the country. If we pop all the heretic preachers in jail and de-radicalise them, we not only PREVENT the future radicalisation of lost youths, we also gain preachers to our cause.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2015SA2... Some Random Results Trickling In

This child really improved. He was careless, dreamy and did everything so sloppily I thought he might melt into a puddle of tofu right in front me. His Mom was very diligent in following up at home and this boy really went from zero to hero. She was so anal about getting the therapies exactly right that she kept asking for clarifications and it even irritated me. Now, I just feel like kissing her! I was not right to get irritated.

This boy was good to begin with.

A Mommy who applied a psych strategy to increase norepinephrine (the brain's focus and concentration hormone) to good effect.

Just before SA2, this child passed up a compo so long, with long and unwieldy sentences and bombastic words that made no sense in context. My blood pressure went up so high, I thought a vein might pop! So wow! I am glad he chose to write like a normal human in his exams, and not like a Greek philosopher trying to write English as a 3rd language!