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About Dr. Pet

Dr Petunia Lee is not the sort of doctor that prescribes antibiotics. She has a PhD in Business Studies, specializing in the science of Human Motivation in organizations. 

For many years, Dr Petunia Lee researched and consulted in organizational psychology. She focused entirely on issues of Human Motivation. She ran workshops for middle managers teaching them how to motivate. On occasion she delivered one-to-one coaching interventions for managers whose team demonstrated high stress and high turnover.

In 2010, Dr Lee stopped consulting altogether. Her son, Little Boy, was ranked 28th out of 38th students in class. He hated school and described himself thus, “I am not one of the smart ones, Mom.” Whilst it did not matter whether Little Boy topped the class, Dr Lee thought it urgent to address his issues of self-esteem. There is no better antidote to low self-esteem than actually experiencing success. Hence, Dr Lee stopped helping managers to motivate staff and threw her all into motivating her son. In the process, Dr Lee discovered that many of the strategies she was teaching managers could be used on children too.

Dr Lee coined the term Internal Drive Ignition to describe the process of firing up and stimulating human motivation levels. She also compiled a set of motivation strategies that are collectively termed Internal Drive Theory®.

1 comment:

eddie said...

Hello, Dr. Lee.
I do not know when you posted a brief background of yourself ... also because I have not visited your blog more often than I used to. But I just got to read it.
I am touched for the decisiveness you have for your son and put yourself whole-heartedly into his needs.
I wish I could do likewise for my daughter & son who could do with an added helping mind but being the sole breadwinner, it probably is only a wishful thought.
Nevertheless, on-and-off reading your blog, I have gained from your sharing.
Thank you, and Thank You again !
With kindest regards,
Tan.eddie (Tokyo)