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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pear Tart

I love pear tarts. Every time I need to choose between a pear and an apple tart at the pâtisserie, I invariably choose the pear tart with its film of shiny gelatin atop a fat pear bottom, atop a boat of short crust pastry. There aren't any pâtisseries in Singapore. There are cake shops which I don't like. And then there are bread shops which I quite like. And then there are nonya kueh shops which I looooooooove.

The nonya kueh shop is the closest thing to a French pâtisserie I think. Anyhow, whether cake or bread or nonya kueh shop, none sell pear tarts. So in my epicurean lust, I made my own.

Except that it was more a pear Part than a pear Tart because it looked like a cross between a pear pie (with the over thick pastry below) and a pear tart (with the glistening portions of soft pear halves). It had been unevenly rolled out and so the pear terrain undulated across the pan. I was less than nifty when ladling out the gelatin (actually konnyaku jelly because I dunno where to get proper proper gelatin) and so it eventually set in wrinkles.

But well... it can still be eaten. And the Pear Part tastes better than the Pear Tart because I made it myself.


Malar said...

That's creative enough idea!

petunialee said...

Thanks! Not very creative really 'cos I had seen it somewhere else before. The difference is that mine doesn't look at all pro.