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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Light Lunch on a Hot Day

The Husband dropped in home at lunch to pick up something he had forgotten. It's always nice to see him walk through the door but I then have to make sure he is fed. Nothing was thawed. There was no cooked rice. So, I toasted some frozen bread loaves, positioned bits of left over melon on the plates, grabbed a handful of blueberries, put out 2 slices of gruyere cheese and rolled up some parma ham. VoilĂ ! Lunch is served. The Husband was happy too because it was not oily, was very light, had an interesting combination of flavours (sweet, tart and salty).

There is something to be said about the European tradition of salting meat. It has left to the world a lasting legacy of salted meats spiced and cured every which way. Yum! And then the variety of cheeses available for the lazy cook is just as mind boggling. Just put them all out and tuck in with crusty bread.

No skill required. Nope! None at all.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yummy.. wish that was my lunch!

Malar said...

A lunch full with nutrition value!