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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Clean Floors & Air Conditioners

I must say that The Haze 2015 has been a blessing in disguise. If not for The Haze 2015, I would not have gone on an air purifier shopping spree. We now have 3 ozone generators and 5 air purifiers with ioniser function.

These were necessary business expenses because little children come to the house for classes every week and some of them have breathing difficulties. I need to provide a clean and healthy environment for the children to learn in. It did not help that the ceilings in the house are very high so there is a lot of air to filter. Anyway, I bit the bullet and bought what I needed to clean the air and keep the little ones safe.

The air in the house is now even cleaner than normal.

In fact, the air in the house now smells like mountain air. This is largely thanks to the ioniser function which pumps negative ions into the air that do horrible things (I dunno what) with dust, mould spores and bacteria... which are then promptly sucked into the HEPA filters (and whatever other filters inside the machines). The magic in all these mysterious goings-on are that the floors and table tops don't gather dust overnight!


Our floors are cleaned every day and every morning we sweep up a good pile of dust. After sweeping, we mop. The water is always a dark murky grey. Every day. Singapore is so dusty. With all the millions of people living in close proximity, there must be lots of dead skin cells being shed and floating around, which blow through the windows and settle on my floors and table tops.

These days, however, I wake up in the mornings to clean floors and dust-less table tops. It really feels great.

Clean inside and out!

The negative ions and True HEPA filter  remove the mould spores that normally get sucked into the air conditioner and grow there into sheets of grey jelly. These grey sheets of jelly-like fungal growth inside the air conditioner need to be flushed out with my Karcher steamer (see HERE). My Karcher steamer jets high pressure steam into the innards of the air conditioner. I do not exaggerate when I say that on occasion, I find sheets of jelly-like fungal growth as large as my hand come slithering out of the air conditioner drainage pipe. I have to use a wet vacuum to remove the jelly stuck inside the drainage pipe. Yucks! Think of all the spores you are breathing in when a dirty air conditioner is cooling your room. Yucks again!

With fewer mould spores in the air, there seems to be less jelly growth in the air conditioners.

Additionally, with 3 ozone generators, it takes just 2 hours to generate enough ozone to disinfect the air conditioners (even in the largest room in the house). That one room is so large (and the ceilings so high) that it needs 2 air conditioners to keep it cool.

This means that I can ozone-disinfect those 2 air conditioners even more frequently than before. The fungal growth that I fail to get with my trusty Karcher, I can now nuke with my 3 Novita ozone generators. Ozone is poisonous so I need to make sure I breathe none of it into my lungs.

Thanks to The Haze 2015, we have made process improvements within the household for even cleaner living than before. Last, but not least, the negative ions are supposed to repel insects. There are right now 2 houseflies in the room with me. I am observing what happens to them. Update: nothing happened to the flies. They buzzed around the window and flew out when I opened it. I guess it is just as well because if the negative ions could hurt the flies, they could hurt me too, no?

Nonetheless, I already I LOVE the crisp and clean "mountain air" inside the house!

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