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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pimple/Boil/Cold Sore Gone!

It started with a stye in the eye. Styes are pimples that develop on the inner side of the eyelids. The doctor told me to use a hot compress whenever one started to develop. I was supposed to dip a clean cloth in hot water and then hold it to my eye.

I did not like that everything was wet and after a while, the cloth got cold real fast. Water seeped into my eye and dripped all over. So I decided to fill a bottle with boiling water, wrap it in layers of cloth and remove the cloths layer by layer as the water cooled.

Bottle with hot boiling water wrapped in layers of cloth to temper the heat.

As the water cooled, I unwrapped the bottle to access more heat.

The water bottle inside.

Since styes, pimples and boils are basically the same thing, I decided to use this method for pimples too. The tiny ones disappear without a blemish. The largish size ones go down overnight in 1 application. The boils need 2 or 3 applications (lasting 15 minutes each). I have been getting boils as part of my Healing Crisis from taking kefir.

The Husband was most impressed. His upper lip had started to tingle. It was the recognisable sign of a pimple that would develop into a cold sore. He applied the hot compress twice, for 30 minutes each time. The cold sore did not even see the light of day.

The hot water draws blood to the area, which then cleanses that area, carrying away germs (kill them too) and pus and whatnot.

I wish I had discovered this earlier. All those antibiotic creams were nowhere near as effective as this!

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