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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Haze: Air Cleaners and Masks

I produce phlegm at the slightest hint of The Haze. The phlegm traps the pollutants and I am able to cough much of it out. The Daughter, Smelly Boy and The Husband inhale it all!!

Me: I am wearing this mask. It is the best there is. It filters out 99% of all the haze particulates.
The Husband: If you wear that, I refuse to walk with you.

I don't understand these people. It isn't as if we are a very good looking family whose looks would be irremediably damaged by an alien mask. If you're kinda ugly anyway then what is wrong with getting just a little bit uglier?

I wear this mask out everyday now. I walk into the mall with it. No one even bothers to stare. They know that some people can get asthmatic in The Haze. 

Health and comfort before looks! That is the pragmatic Singapore spirit, right?

Love my mask. Of all the masks I tried, this provides the most thorough seal for the nose and mouth area. It is also very easy to breathe through it. Buy it HERE. The disposable filter can be ordered HERE.

Since I cannot force my family to wear the masks, the best I can do is to ensure that the air is clean at home. This is Novita's 3-in-1 Puriclean Air Purifier NAP 002H. It filters the air and produces negative ions that are supposed to kill spores and such. I switch off the ioniser function (called the Anion Function in the brochure). When the Anion Function is on, I get phlegm. It must be quite good at assassinating spores because it seems to affect my lung cells too. 

I switch on the Anion Function only when I am not in the room to kill mould and bacteria. This machine comes with a humidifying function which I don't ever use. It also has a convenient colour indicator for air quality so I know when the air is clean enough for the machine to be switched off. It retails at SGD699. It has a True HEPA Filter.

This is Novita's Puriclean Air Purifier NAP 611-i. This machine is $100 cheaper (SGD599). It does not have a humidifier function. It does have a colour indicator for air quality that lets me know when the air is clean enough for me to switch off the machine. It has a True HEPA filter.

This is Novita's Air Steriliser AirCare NAS6000. It has an ozone function which I find very useful for disinfecting the air in my store room. I also use it to disinfect my air conditioners. I leave the air conditioners on, in a room filled with ozone. The ozone gets into the aircon and kills the bejesus out of every mould and bacteria lurking about within.

It only has a HEPA type filter, which is less able to remove particulates than the True HEPA filter. This one has no air quality colour indicator. This one retails at SGD899.


QinEunMun said...

Puriclean Air Purifier NAP 002H.

Thank you for your post. I was wondering whether we can opt to switch off the ioniser function or the humidifier function. Because I heard it's not healthy to have the ionizer function on when you are in the room.

Petunia Lee said...

QunEunMun... Hi...the answers to your questions are already in the post.

QinEunMun said...

Yes indeed. :)