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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Useful for Secondary School

To Dr Pet's enrolled parents...

These whatsapp screenshots below come from a parent whose child is now in Sec 1. 

The best test of higher order thinking skills is Unseen Prose (literature). One is given a literary text that one has never seen and one is expected to analyse, evaluate and conclude upon it. The training we give the children via our distinctive Teaching Methods (and parent facilitation) will build a strong foundation for all the Humanities subjects in secondary school.

These Teaching Methods are not often extended to normal children in mainstream schools, but I stubbornly maintain that mainstream children can benefit. They do require patience, parent involvement and never learning just for marks. We have to look beyond the marks to real skills and a real education.

See below.

To help their children do well in this programme, it is necessary to...

- prioritise quality (mindfulness, focus) above high quantity scheduled work completion. It does not help to fill your child's day with a structured timetable of work to be done.

- rest and relax must be a priority. Note how the Mommy reports that the child "still does not study the day before exams".

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