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Friday, September 18, 2015

Water Wars

The little P3s just joined the centre. I always have a blast with the P3s. They still look like toddlers and still possess that childish sense of humour that Petunia has never lost. The P3s and I get along. We all laugh at silly things.

We did vocab work last weekend in every silly way I could think of. The vocab included phrases such as "Ferrari on steroids" and words such as "liberty" and "scavenge".

We all had a blast because I made them race around the class like Ferraris on steroids, and creep around the class like trishaws on sleeping pills. Then, I made them stand like the Statue of Liberty, which was really quite harmless... but, when I asked them to stand like a Sexy Statue of Liberty, the whole class melted into puddles of giggles. They just couldn't bear to make such an embarrassing pose until one boy did a weightlifter pose like herein below. He somehow managed to make that pose whilst holding the Liberty torch.

At that point, a few children were rolling on the floor, laughing. Really... they were on the floor. The classroom was a happy, roiling mess!

After that, we did the word "scavenge" which required 1 rabbit (that little girl really did look like a rabbit), 1 eagle (the most giggly eagle I have ever seen... he could not even flap properly because he was laughing so much) and a whole volt of vultures (who all looked very embarrassed at having to scavenge off the "dead" rabbit... they weren't very good vultures either because they used their hands to pluck pieces off the rabbit. Whoever heard of a vulture with hands?!).

After that, despite the haze, I let them out for Water Wars. It is really nothing more than giving them water balloons and paper cups so that they can go and attack their friends.

I intend to enjoy the P3s because they will be P4 soon, and as we progress towards PSLE, Dr Pet cannot afford to be so carefree. Learning may not always be this fun (because Dr Pet can be scary, fierce and demanding) but where it is useful and applicable, we can really have a blast.

I had a real BLAST. At my age too!

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