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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Such a Warm Note!

I received such a warm note from a customer today. I am so warmed by it. Thank you so much!! 

It is not just the praise. That which I like most about this note is that the parent was able to (with rigour and discipline) implement the strategies I suggested. There are times when people know what to do but have no time (nor perhaps, discipline) to carry through. It is very demoralising to keep explaining to people the motivation strategies, only to find that they don't bother to implement (and keep blaming their child). In such cases, I disengage. I cannot help parents who do not help themselves. The logical thing for me to do is to walk away from that parent without looking back. Else, I will burn out.

I can only advise. I cannot carry through for the parent. This parent was able to change her own behaviours and in changing herself, she automatically saw change in her child. 

I like this note because it reports results.

I have, at present, no intention to expand the enrichment centre and make a lot of money as a businesswoman in the education industry. I will leave business and entrepreneurship to Smelly Boy. He has a good head for business. 

This is more than a business. I do it to make some pocket money but I also do it because I find it fascinating to build a pedagogical approach from research base  (and first principles) upwards, if only to prove to myself that the GEP method of teaching kids CAN work with normal children. It allows me to prove to myself and others that there is another way to achieve results than what is conventionally done. 

Frankly, even I myself did not know the limits and possibilities of the methods I use when I started. I made mistakes. I refined my approaches. I learnt and I improved. Now, I know that even if what I do, looks like it won't work (from the viewpoint of the conventional Singaporean educator) or the parent who is expecting a conventional/traditional approach... it does work for me and those parents who gel with me. For those who do not gel with me, that is fine. Mine is not the only way. 

There are some parents who really hate me (and either they withdraw their kids or I request a withdrawal) but there are parents who also gel with me perfectly, and together, we can achieve a lot with their kids. That is enough for me. My cup runneth full with that already. 


Today, reading this note and seeing that a Mommy has successfully motivated her child to love to read. My cup runneth over.

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