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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Washable Haze Mask!

I realise that I am repeating myself. I also swear that I am not paid by 3M to write this review. It really is fantastic for The Haze. It is, after all, an industrial quality mask used in the marine and auto industry.

I am so pleased with the performance of the 3M Half-Faced Respirator 3M 7501 Half Face Respirator that I think everyone should be wearing it.

I just discovered that I can wash it!

When I wear the mask for about an hour or more, moisture develops in the interior of the mask. The disposable N95 mask simply falls apart into a gooey mess. I peered into my Half Face Respirator with some distaste and made some attempt to swab the insides with disinfectant. Then I discovered that I could just dunk the whole thing into soapy water.

Oh joy! Clean air! Clean Mask! What more can a Perfectionist Clean Freak ask for!?

Detach the Filter Pads

Dunk the whole mask into soapy water and wash away!

Good For Pregnant Ladies and Old Folks
On a more serious note, if you have old folks or pregnant ladies, it is really good to invest in this mask. The filter pads can last between 30 to 40 hours of use. Moisture does not form inside the pads. The air you breathe out, is expelled through an outlet (which self-seals when you breathe in). It is super easy to breathe with this mask!

The pads (Advanced Particulate Filter 2291) cost USD7.90 and one pair lasts me the whole season. The plastic mask is durable too and can be squirrelled away for years.

Get Filters From The 2200 Series
The Advanced Particulate Filter 2291 (from the 2200 series) is new and improved over the 2091 model (from the 2000 series). The filter pads have been re-designed for easier breathing.

In the same 2200 series there are other filter types...
- 2296: Oil and non-oil based particles + nuisance level acid gas
- 2297: Oil and non-oil based particles + nuisance level organic gas vapours (and ozone)

I wish 3M made these in children's sizes. The little ones really need some protection.


Anonymous said...

Dr Pet,
Wear this mask machiam look like Terminator 2015 leh =p

Anonymous said...

Dr Pet,
Wear this mask machiam look like Terminator 2015 leh =p

Petunia Lee said...

No leh... I feel like Beauty Queen when I wear it... :-) Everybody stares at me when I walk past. Stunned like vegetable.

Anonymous said...

*guffaw like mad*