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Monday, June 22, 2015

Dinner At Tong Tem Toh

I badly wanted to try out the local food but The Husband was not very keen on the streetside stalls. Tong Tem Toh was quite highly recommended HERE. We made our way there by tuk-tuk to try out the local fare.
It turns out that pad thai and all those Thai dishes we thought we knew, are NOT local dishes in Chiangmai. Chiangmai is known for Lanna cuisine. Lanna means "land of a thousand rice types". It is a brain searingly hot cuisine. Both lunch and dinner set my tongue on fire!
Nice ambience.

Bamboo shoots and pork soup.

Sweet leaves omelette. Sweet leaves is a local vegetable. I don't think we have had it before in Singapore. It tastes like a cross between sweet potato leaves and kang kong.

Ant eggs soup.

A close up of ant eggs. They taste like butter knobs.

This is good, even though a bit more dry than a sausage should be. It is spicy pork sausage with all sorts of inveigling spices. There was a very strong taste of lemongrass.

Spicy pork sausages in a basket.

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