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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

In High Fashion After All These Years!

I read Sarah Halzack's article with a snort or two of amusement HERE. She wrote...

"On a sunny May morning in New York’s upscale Fifth Avenue retail corridor, Carron Ryan stopped to admire a diamond-encrusted Van Cleef & Arpels necklace in the window of the Bergdorf Goodman department store. 

Louis Vuitton’s sprawling flagship store was right across the street, but she turned her nose up at its lineup of logo-stamped satchels and tote bags. “It looks a little trashy,” Ryan said. “It’s better to be subtle.” 

Ryan’s fondness for low-key, logo-free pieces is shared by a growing number of shoppers, experts say, who prefer to shell out for unique, hard-to-find pieces instead of highly recognizable handbags from big-name brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada."

It is so funny. Fashion raced so fast ahead of me that I gave up trying to be fashionable. In fact, fashion ran so fast that it has gone one round and caught up with me! Petunia's consumer habits is now fashionable again!! 

Who would've thought?!

I ALWAYS carry low-key and logo-free pieces that I pick from off the metal hooks in my favourite HDB bag shop. They are unique because nobody else I know carries the bags I carry around. My pieces are hard to find too. You really have to dig deep into those HDB shops to find them. It is sweaty and hot. See! Right at this very moment, Petunia is the epitome of high fashion and good taste!!

Who would've thought?!

See! Unique, logo-free and low-key! The stitches are strong. The bag design is practical. It looks very elegant, no?

Every time The Husband goes on an overseas business trip, he will text me and ask if I want such and such a brand. Every time I mull over that question, I puzzle at the allure of a $2000 Prada bag. It appears that one can save up to $1000 off the same Prada bag by buying it overseas. 

Each time, I really sit there and think very carefully about the allure of the Hermès scarf, the Prada bag or the Jimmy Choo shoes. In the end, I rationalised it thus. There are some days when I have a craving for paella or for tapas or for crispy pork knuckle. It is an unreasonable, unexplainable CRAVING. I just want to so badly. You can't argue with such cravings. You just have to satisfy them. Go there. Buy it. Eat it. And breathe a gentle sigh of happiness.

Put that way, I can understand why people buy these brands. I really do. Many years back, there was a cookbook that The Husband would not let me buy in Borders. Till today, I think about that cookbook. I craaaaaave that cookbook. I waaaaaaaant that cookbook.

See, I understand.

The genius though, is how these brands create this LUST for their products. If I could figure out the psychology of how one can manipulate product lust, I would be rich in less than 5 years! I wonder if I can make people lust after PSLE Model Compositions written by me.

My favourite shoes. No logo. Low key. Well-made. Hard to find. I found these in another HDB shop. No one else I know wears them.

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