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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Making Celadon Ware The Chiangmai Way

I am not paid for this post, but I have no right to mess with another's livelihood by revealing all the yummy secrets of the tour. The process is far longer and more elaborate than depicted here. I have left out three quarters of the process so as not to spoil the surprise for you, nor curtail their revenue. 

Do drop by Chiangmai Celadon to tour their factory. 

This vat mixes the clay. Water is then removed.

The clay is further churned and kneaded for smoothness, and then extruded.

The potter throws the clay on the wheel and fashions vases and bowls.

The clay pieces are a dark brown before they are fired in the kiln. Figurine shapes are processed differently. Do visit them to see how. I would hate to reveal their secrets here and deprive them of income to keep them afloat.

A layer of light blue paint (which will be burned away in the kiln is applied) is applied to the dark clay. Why? Go ask them or figure it out?

An artisan etches the clay. The piece is then sent into the kiln to be fired.

When it comes out of the kiln, it is a rose pink in colour.

The rose pink piece is dipped in glaze.

Another 8 layers of glaze are painted on. The piece is then re-fired in a kiln.

The finished product looks pale green with tiny transparent cracks...  like this.

Or pale green with dark cracks ... like this...

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