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Monday, June 22, 2015

Chiangmai Celadon Visit

I found the visit thrilling.

There were fine examples of Lanna Teak Houses all over the factory grounds. These are traditional wooden constructions. They don't build these anymore so it was like walking through a bit of Lanna history. You cannot see this at any of the other celadon factories.

It is sort of like the bonus of visiting Chiangmai Celadon.

Seriously, if you want to visit a celadon factory in Chiangmai, skip all the others and head straight for this one. You get a lot more than just pretty vases. There are rabbits to cuddle on the grounds and a brood of 40 hens and cockerels. You get great food served in beautiful surroundings. You get a warm welcome and hostesses with infinite patience. You get to try your hand at throwing pottery on the wheel, painting pottery, etching pottery. You get to roam about the extensive grounds to take all the pictures you want.

The Main Gallery.

40 chickens roam the premises.

There are lots of tame rabbits too.

The Cafe.

The Phad Thai served to us as part of our day package.

A Sticky Rice Dessert.

Mango. Very sweet!

Condiments on the table.

Details of the Lanna teak house.

They cut 2 holes into the 2nd storey to let the mango trees through! It sure makes it easier to pick fruits!

Bedroom. Indoor and outdoor spaces are permeable. Isn't that quite the fashionable architectural concept in Singapore now?

Dresser.... also very near to the outdoors.

Sitting room. They did not have aircon back then, so these well ventilated rooms were ideal for entertaining.

The Boss

The Manager

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