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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sunbird In the House

This is the very first time we have had a Sunbird fly into the house. We have had countless pigeons and sparrows (about 7?) but this is our first Sunbird. The Sunbird kept flying from different parts of the house back to the roses. I think it was confused by the fake roses. How can anything look so much like food and not be food? 

Whatever it is, this house's attraction to birds is undeniable. Maybe I can start a swiftlet farm at home?

I am not exactly sure what attracts the birds. It could be the spot of greenery at the top of the staircase. Perhaps they are looking for food.

It could also be the way the stair well resembles a cave. Perhaps they are looking for a place to roost. This is possible because we once had to catch a Husband+Wife pair of roosting pigeons. The birds usually fly in on a sunny day. Perhaps they are attracted to the cooler temperatures inside the house? Oh dear me... who can tell what a bird thinks?

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