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Monday, June 22, 2015

Hong Kong Tailor, Chiangmai

We are so pleased with this tailor in Chiangmai. I don't have much fashion sense. The Husband has even less. This tailor, named Boy is an Indian man, who runs a shop called Hong Kong Tailor in Chiangmai, Thailand. He has very fine fashion sense indeed.
We looked through his range of cashmere fabric. Boy was able to help us choose a fabric appropriate for the occasions The Husband had in mind for his suit. This one (with stripes) is a bit flashy, and so a little casual. That one (in dark brown) is good for formal occasions. Finally, we settled on a dark blue-gray fabric with very discreet gray highlights that made for a very rich tone of blue-gray.
Gee... men's fashion is really something else. Everything is dark blue, black, gray or brown but the differences are subtle. Can you imagine? Something black with dark gray stripes is considered "flashy". Hmmmm... a very very different approach from women's fashion. Pairing the cashmere fabrics with an inner shirt fabric was an even greater challenge. I can tell when things go together but I cannot pick out the colours from the shelves. Boy did that for us, providing multiple pairing options. Then, it was a matter of personal preference.
24 hours after the first measurement, we were back in the shop for a tryout. Boy made more measurements and stuck more pins onto the fabric. We will be going back to get the suit tomorrow.

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