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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Makti Sprouts Salad

I realise that I've been growing micro greens HERE, not sprouts. Sprouts are what you see above. They have a little tail but no leaves at all. Sprouts need to be lightly fried or steamed because they are grown in the dark in a warm place. These are the same conditions that predispose the growth of salmonella and e coli.

I lightly stir fried the sprouted makti beans in olive oil and garlic ... seasoned with salt before I topped it onto the salad. 

Some people believe that the sprouting process unlocks nutrients in the beans by stimulating enzyme activity that destroys the beans' natural growth inhibitors. Without growth inhibitors, seeds would sprout indiscriminately even in conditions not conducive to plant growth. Nutrients such as Vitamin C and minerals are made more available to our digestive systems once ssprouting has started.

Whatever it may be, I like the taste of makti beans that are barely sprouted. They're actually sweet!! And they've a very satisfying crunch. Now that I've discovered sprouting, the world of beans is open to my family. I rarely cook beans because I find them quite indigestible and a major cause of flatulence. I also didn't like their starchiness when cooked into a mush.

Sprouted beans have a satisfying crunch. They don't taste starchy at all... and they don't sit heavy in my gut.


Blur Ting said...

In that case, you will like chick pea sprouts too.

Blur Ting said...

How do you make your prawn 'translucent' like that? It's restaurant style. Mine always look opaque.

Petunia Lee said...

Ting - I buy my prawns from Fassler in Woodlands. They always cook up to a nice translucent springiness. I am so going to try chickpea sprouts. This sprouting business has opened up infinite menu possibilities that are healthy and fuss free. I usually hate beans and such.... and need to be cooked for ever so long. They give me gas and taste very starchy. Sprouts are crunchy and all I need to do is leave them there to soak for 2 days... stirfry at dinner and voilĂ !! Clean fast and doesn't interfere with my work schedule.