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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Even More Croissants

I like fuss free lazy recipes. I also like croissants. So began my quest for the Busy Woman's croissant recipe. As it turns out, making croissants is really no hassle as long as I am marking work or writing articles. I just have to hop down and fold the dough once every hour and then put it into the fridge.... and continue with whatever else I have to do.

For a fuss-free croissant, skip the egg glazing. It doesn't help the croissant taste better. It just looks better, is all. I also skipped the 8 hour 1st proof. After 2 hours, I begin to fold the butter in. It gave me better results. Dunno why also. Don't ask me for recipe yet. The croissants aren't great, even though they're better already.

I'll muck around and experiment some more to get an idiot-proof lazy recipe. Then I'll post.

Ugly... no glazing you see...

Layers peel off real good... and this looks kinda rough because I used flaxseed meal for an added taste dimension.

The internal layers are paper thin... but the layers are all too closely stacked together so there is too little air between one layer and the next. I have a solution for that which I will experiment with next.

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