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Friday, May 3, 2013

Natural Eating

I read this article this morning about how margarine is responsible for a drastic increase in heart attacks... how energy bars are unhealthy... and how fat free foods are just plain bad. Despite what profit-oriented food companies think and advertise, I guess man-made foods are not natural. 

God gave us food  (and medicine) aplenty in nature and for the past century that we have tried to believe that God's provisions are inferior to our own patented creations... we still wake up one day knowing that either we have lied to ourselves or others have lied to us. Man-processed food (and medicine) is bad for health. Margarine kills us faster than butter. Progestin (patented pharmaceutically designed progesterone) causes horrible side effects that natural progesterone does not cause.

I'm thankful that in all these years, I have simply followed my palate when it comes to food. Butter tasted better than margarine. Energy bars tasted like stuck together bird seed. Fat free yoghurt was not creamy enough. Fat free anything tastes yucky.

Actually I don't really know what is healthy food anymore because even brown rice has phytic acid, which prevents our bodies from absorbing other required nutrients. Besides, who is to say that 2 decades from now, another study would not tell us "Margarine is better than butter." 

I've decided to forget about what health gurus say and just have 3 rules...

(1) Follow my palate.
(2) Stay with unprocessed foods.
(3) Eat as much home grown produce as is possible.

Homegrown chickens give eggs that you KNOW contain no antibiotic traces (so I wish I had chickens to lay eggs). Homegrown vegetables have no pesticides for sure. Home made bread has no preservatives. 

Of course, it'll be impossible to replace everything with homegrown produce, so I'll just have to close one eye and pretend I don't know that Canola Oil is extracted using hexane... or that the extra virgin olive oil I buy may be adulterated with cheaper oils... or that the strawberries and tomatoes I eat may be full of pesticides... or that the eggs I eat are laid by hens pumped full of antibiotics.

One can't think that far.

Meanwhile, it makes me feel good that I can dish up a plate of organic veggies 3 times a week from 10 sprouting trays. It's fun to watch them grow. The leaves can grow 1 cm a day. The roots do the same. Quite fascinating. If you move them into the shade, the shoots turn towards the sun outside the window within 1 hour. It doesn't matter if you tumble the seeds right way up and upside down when giving them their daily rinse, they'll reach downwards towards the water tray below within 1 hour as well. Clearly, plants can tell up from down.

See the masses of roots? It's fascinating that plants don't make the mistake of growing leaves downwards eh?

All the green tips turn towards the light. You'll never see a root reaching up.

Funny that one small seed can grow into umpteen times it's own weight and volume by doing nothing else than bind sunlight, water and air together.

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Anonymous said...

totally agree with you Petunia! good post!