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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fairprice Baby Wipes

I love baby wipes. They're the next best thing to fresh air and home grown vegetables. From Day 1 at the hospital, baby wipes have wiped my kids backsides after every poop. I've used them for little toddlers' grubby hands... for cleaning up after picnics. Baby wipes can be used in soooooo many different ways.

I always have a large pack of Fairprice baby wipes in my bag.

So, imagine my surprise when Little Boy refused to let a clean baby wipe near his nose. It appears that he associates baby wipes with his own backside, and nothing that touches his backside should go near his nose. His nose was leaking mucous and he chose to blow it into his t-shirt, eschewing the whole packet of baby wipes I waved in front of his face. Now I notice that Little Boy doesn't ever use baby wipes to sanitize his hands either.

I wonder how many children in Little Boy's generation have developed an unreasoning negative association with the smell of Fairprice baby wipes. He knows it is completely unreasonable but he cannot bring himself to use baby wipes because the smell just makes him think poopy thoughts.

If anyone from Fairprice is reading this, it is time to put money into researching a new fragrance... texture and colour for baby wipes because an entire generation remembers them in close association with their own backsides and their own poop. When mommies like me pass away, so also will pass the demand for the baby wipes we used and loved and esteemed so much.

I find it so intriguing to see Operant Conditioning operate so powerfully to condition market demand for a product.


Celine said...


The Husband's Brother once said the very same thing when I offered him a wet wipe for his hand at a hawker centre. That they are for baby's backside, not his hand!

Petunia Lee said...

Celine - Actually The Husband said much the same thing but he'll still pull a wet wipe if he needs to clean his hands. Little Boy, in contrast, has an active aversion.

Karmeleon said...

This would be Too big for my handbag even when mine was a baby. I used to only put a small pack of wet wipes and 2 superthin diapers in my handbag when out with baby.

Change to Fairprice Wet Wipes lah. That, we ALWAYS use, no matter which member of the family.

Petunia Lee said...

Hah? There are Fairprice WET wipes? I will go search.