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Thursday, August 16, 2012

PSLE Starts Today

It has begun.

Little Boy takes on his very first PSLE challenge today - the Chinese Language Oral. Over dinner last night, he had a word with his father, "Tomorrow, I will be taking PSLE Oral. We should not leave the house too early, but we also should not leave too late. 6.15am is good. It would be good if you can wake up by 5.45am, not 6... so that no one gets anxious in the mad scramble to get to school on time."

When I put him to bed, he showed me his mobile phone, wrapped and labelled with his name so that he could safely surrender it to his Teacher before the exam. He asked me if he should bring his normal schoolbag or a smaller one. In the end, I think he chose the normal bag because he just felt more comfortable carrying it. It's nice to have familiar belongings with you when you have to go for a big exam.

By the time I zombied myself downstairs this morning, Little Boy was up, dressed and checking his entry proof and student ID. He said he did not want breakfast because he wasn't hungry. I suppose his body was running on adrenaline? I insisted on a light breakfast because the brain burns sugar better than fat, and so it would be good to take a bit of a chocolate danish and a mug of Milo to ensure a ready store of sugar for his brain to burn.

At 6.10am sharp, Little Boy pressed the remote control to open the gate. He had socks and shoes on. The Husband took the hint and rushed himself, whilst Little Boy stayed calm and quiet. We've been through so many exams together that he knows he has to keep a tight rein on his emotions.

At 6.15am, they were out the gate. Oh please God... help him today. He has worked so hard and been such a good boy. He cannot do this without You. So please... please, help my son.


Wen-ai said...

Good luck Little Boy! Jia you!

Petunia Lee said...

Wen-ai: According to him, it went quite well!

Blur Ting said...

He really is such a responsible and sensible kid!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

It's amazing how responsible Little Boy is! To me, he is the Little Big Boy now! :)