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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lazy Thursday Afternoon With A Difference

The Husband was pleased to announce last night that he had been able to take leave for Friday so that we could have 4 whole days of family time from Thursday to Sunday, making it a National Day long weekend. Then he looked high and low for The Daughter.

"Where is my daughter?" said he.

He wasn't happy to discover that The Daughter had chosen to not to come home for the National Day long weekend because she had settled in comfortably into an apartment with her friends, and wanted to stay there. To tell the truth, the expression on The Husband's face was like of one bereft. Ever since The Daughter was born, she has spent public holidays in the warm embrace of our family. We've lived with her since she was a chortling baby through her chatterbox toddlerhood and her petulant teens. There were always four of us.

Now, there are three.

I had thought that the one prone to Empty Nest Syndrome would be me. I arranged to have Motivation Genome occupy my time and energy. I hadn't expected The Husband to feel the Empty Nest keenly too. After all, he is more than busy with his work. I suppose it's because the family is so tiny. With one child flown the coop, we're at 75% manning levels eh? Things will get worse before they get better I reckon. It won't be long before we're down to 50% manning levels... before the children get married and give birth to Little Ones that'll up our manning levels somewhat.

So yes... it's a nice National Day afternoon... but someone is missing that makes the daybed look very empty indeed.

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