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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Confused Milo

This post is for Open Kitchen Concept, a long time blog reader. She misses Milo, you see.

Milo has this thing for slim young women with long hair and oval faces. If he sees one of these jog past during our walkies, he stops in his tracks... his jaw drops, his tongue hangs out... and his whole expression changes into one of goofy wonder. When she comes near enough for him to see her, his whole expression changes again into one of gentle bewilderment. Who is this person who looks like Milo's Love (i.e., The Daughter) but isn't Milo's Love? Will she be as nice to Milo as Milo's Love is wont to be? Is it really NOT Milo's Love? Maybe I should go smell her. With that, he promptly tries to take off after the young lady to try and effectuate some Crotch Familiarisation. This freaks people out no end so I have to hang on to his leash.

A slim Mommy came by who had long hair and an oval face. If you saw this Mommy, you wouldn't believe that she has 2 kids. Ohhhhhhhhh... to look like that after 2 kids!! This is the first time in my experience that Milo didn't bark at the stranger standing on the other side of the gate. He cocked his doggy head left... and then right. He couldn't make sense of this woman because she looked soooooooo much like The Daughter. And he missed The Daughter a good deal because she was away in China.

I invited the Pretty Mommy inside the gate. Milo stuck his nose up the back of her skirt. After getting scolded, he decided that it might be more appropriate to stick his nose up the front of her skirt. So he did that. Of course, he got scolded again. I seated Pretty Mommy on the wicker chair at the patio. Milo stared at her, sniffed her, licked her elbows and her knees and THEN, he tried to climb on her lap!!


Malar said...

I guess Milo miss "his love" so much!

Petunia Lee said...

You bet he did!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hahahaha... This post is so funny! Milo... is classic! I'm very sure he misses "his love" very much.. but I can't help wondering if he is a bit.. erm... lecherous as well :p (Ops.. sorry Milo for this thought.. I still remember you as a young little thing...)

I can just imagine Pretty Mum's face.. LOL

Petunia Lee said...

OKC - Pretty Mom was a angel. She was really nice. I felt so bad I locked up Milo.