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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Serenity and The Daughter's Rite of Passage

No one realized what a momentous occasion it was when The Daughter packed a smallish suitcase and moved into her apartment at University Town in NUS. Other parents turned the event into an occasion. They had a "leaving home" celebration. They drove their daughter down to University Town and helped them settle in. Petunia and The Husband treated the occasion like school camp. We dropped her at University Town and that was it.

We had our leisure to repent because as the week wore on, reality hit us. The Daughter doesn't really live with us anymore!! She's all grown up and was going through a rite of passage into adulthood. She was living on her own.

So... I hustled the whole family over to Serenity for a celebration. It was REALLY expensive. They've REALLY raised prices. I am not sure I'll go back but since we were there, we ate... and it was good.

Meat Balls

Seafood Soup


Tuna Roll




Karmeleon said...

Every year since secondary 1, our eldest boy packs into boarding school for a term. Non-event. Haha

Rachel Tan said...

UTown has become a family haunt for us. (Our little kids love the food at Hwangs.) UTown's made a difference to the university community and I hope your daughter enjoys it. The UTown Residential College curriculum is a strong one too.