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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Unknown Artist

University Town at NUS is lovely to walk around in on weekends. Lots of things happen around there all the time. A small choir practiced in the midst of the trees on the grass verge. They filled the air with humansong that floated up 9 floors to The Daughter's apartment. The Daughter was anxious to shoo us out of there so that she could spend time alone with The Boyfriend cleaning her apartment. Wow! Such romantic domesticity, right? I didn't mind. It sure beats having ME clean her apartment, which some Mommies actually do!

Anyway, whilst trying to get out of the Romantic Couple's way, I spotted a pair of frames holding batik artwork. I've been looking all over for a piece to hang above our daybed in the master bedroom. Nothing sang to my heart except something I saw in Israel which I then decided I didn't like all that much because it was ummmm... rather pricey.

The pair of batik pieces strummed something to my soul.  The young man agreed to sell me his work at the price of an Unknown Artist. See how cute The Unknown Young Artist is smiling at me? I can close my eyes and imagine him in Pampers. You know you're getting old when you look at men in the prime of their youth and try to imagine them smaller, shorter, rounder and also in Pampers.

He explained that his Mom would not allow him to throw his life away in art. So, he is obediently doing a Chemistry major in order to find a job. He also explained that he is part of the University Scholars' Program (clever boy!) and that the work I had just bought had won a prize at an NUS Art Competition. He gave me the write-up to go with the work.

A symphony of colors meet. This mirror the vibrant interactions between people. We are from different backgrounds. Some of us enjoy the serenity of water, quietly delighting in the coral lined walkways of NUS. Others prefer the spontaneous fire of light and life. Between this dichotomy... these diametric opposites, we find the space to meet. We embraced and learned. And our colors mixed and swirled together in harmony.

I don't much care for the words. I have no words for the space in my heart that resonates with his colors. You can find The Unknown Artist here. If you like his work, buy one and give a promising talent some encouragement.

The piece he sold me is getting framed along with Theanne's painting and another done by my Mother-in-law. Together the 2 paintings will form an installation called East and West Women at Home. Right ho... the works aren't like world famous eh? They don't cost a lot. But together, they have great meaning for me. Theanne is a retiree who lives in Florida. She paints beautifully. My Mother-in-Law is a retiree in Singapore. She paints beautifully. Both are strong and beautiful women who have left me a piece of their soul. Their paintings express strength, discipline, elegance and creativity in diametrically opposite East-West styles.

I can't wait to get the paintings back from The Framer's!!


Petunia Lee said...

Rachel - Thanks for your comment. Yes... he is a very nice lad, with good leadership potential. Such a coincidence.

Malar said...

Doing chemistry but good in art? Wow! He must be brilliant!

Wen-ai said...

That's cool! I like that your paintings have "connections" . ;)