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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gay People

For a long time, I've been unsure of what to think when it comes to gay people. You see, gay people tend to be such nice people. They are gentle, sensitive, compassionate and so very very easy to talk to.

But My Bible tells me that homosexuality is a sin. My Bible also tells me to avoid sin... but does that mean I should avoid gay people? I really didn't know because some people would tell you to do so... but it is impossible to reject people who value your friendship and care what you think of them. It's mean... uncalled for and I could never do so.

But I was so torn.

And I'm not anymore. You see... if gay people sin, who doesn't? If I had to avoid all those people who sin, then I wouldn't be able to look me in the mirror in the morning... because I sin ALL THE TIME, no? And wouldn't that mean I would have to avoid The Husband too? And all those other sinners that I love and cherish?

I just realised therefore, that I am to avoid sin, not avoid people who sin. Now, The Bible does say that I am to flee temptation. If I put 2 and 2 together, this means that I should avoid/flee people that are apt to tempt me to sin. Now, if you think about it, there is absolutely no way a gay friend can tempt me to his sexual orientation because I am simply not built that way. Hence, there is no reason to deny myself the pleasure of their company.

Gay people are nice to hang around with because for once, you can interact with a man with your guard completely down. There is no way, he'll hit on you. There is no potential sexual tension to defuse. There is no need to hang back from hugging a gay man when you feel the occasion calls for it, and one can be openly affectionate and warm without the risk of being misconstrued.

Far better then, to avoid straight people who tempt me to anger... or to covetousness ...