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Monday, February 22, 2010

Me, Milo and His Bone

Ever since Milo learnt not to dig holes in pots, he has had to hide his bone in very odd places. Behind the piano. Under the ottoman. At the back of a curio shelf. Under the TV rack. Behind a vase.

A few days ago, he kept bringing his bone and placing it on the sofa beside me. I am not sure what he means by it. Once, I kicked it back onto the floor only to have him look long and reproachfully at me. He then picked it up to put it behind the curio shelf. I guessed by that that he had wanted to give me a gift, and I was amused.

But now I'm not too sure.

He has just brought me his bone again and since it is rude to reject a sincere and whole hearted gift, I took the bone, said "thank you" nicely and gave him a kiss on his snout. Encouraged, he proceeded to nuzzle at my thigh, and as I moved my thigh away from his wet nose, he deposited his bone under it.

So now, I am sitting on his bone... somewhat...

Is it given to me for safe-keeping? Am I now Guardian of Dog Bone? Or is it a gift? What do you guys think?


Blur Ting said...

Aw, he loves you, that's why he is sharing his precious bone.

petunialee said...

Oh! Share! That didn't occur to me!!