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Monday, February 8, 2010

No More Orange Raisin Muffin?

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf does not sell Orange Raisin Muffins anymore. The item has disappeared altogether from their menu. Can people do that? Can companies disappoint clients like that? Simply up and delete a beloved food item?

Yes... Petunia is rather miffed this time. The Orange Raisin Muffin is the only reason I even go to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I would sail in there and swipe 4 orange muffins in a doggy bag and then hide them in a far corner of the fridge. After all, each muffin (at $3.50) costs more than a packet of nasi lemak and The Daughter is known to down 3 at a go. Effectively, this means that I savour one yummy muffin before bedtime and then when I rush to the fridge the next morning (after a long night of scrumptious muffin dreams) I find no more left!

But why am I justifying my actions? I love those muffins. I buy 'em and I hide 'em because I like 'em. The notion of motherly love and generous sharing with one's children is quite irrelevant here.

I cannot begin to describe to you the Orange Raisin Muffin. It's like no other muffin in the world and it absolutely had to be from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I loved the orange confit bits at the top and all over the inside of the muffin. I loved the pretty brown crunchy flecks of the raisins snuggling inside the dough bubbles. And I loved the divine marriage of tartness and butter-iness. But wail... wail... wail... They ain't there anymore. They don't make 'em anymore.

And to console myself, I drove a little ways down the street to Breadtalk. Now, Breadtalk is the only shop in the world from where I actually emerge looking like Paris Hilton as she steps onto the sidewalk at the Champs Elysées. I come out with bags of stuff and if you look into the bags, you'll find about 15 Applewerms. The Applewerm is a deceptively simple food device. It's bread with smooth creamy chunks of apple inside. It has a hint of cinnamon... just the right amount and it goes so well with Earl Grey Tea. But I just found out that BreadTalk doesn't make those anymore either!!

What's wrong with these people? Don't they know that each member of their cast of menu items has fans? And when they murder the Applewerm or the Orange Raisin Muffin, they kill off a celebrity? Don't they understand the enormity of their actions? The wrongfulness?

These ruthless "food retrenchment" decisions were probably taken by someone skinny and dieting up at the corporate head office... someone who has never stepped into the outlets nor tasted the poor retrenched food items... someone who looked only at numbers and forgot to consider the social pact already built with its clientele.

And now, Petunia has no more Orange Raisin Muffins and no more Applewerms to eat. Hmmmmmmph!!


Blur Ting said...

Try Cedele's muffins. They use organic flour and sugar and I remember they have some fruity creations that you may like.

I like Breadtalk's Applewerm woo. I can only guess they have stopped that for the time being to make way for CNY themed buns.

petunialee said...

Nah... uh... They said they'll never have 'em anymore. Sob!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Applewerm and Orange Raisin Muffin.. Hmph... Sounds delicious.. have to try make them.. I also absolutely hate it when shops stop selling stuff I love.. or worse still.. they change them. Once upon a time, Cedele has wonderful raisin scones.. The scones they have now just cannot compare to the ones in the past

petunialee said...

oh good! I will wait for the breadmaking genius to cut the path... then I use her recipe... I really really love their orange raisin muffin.