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Monday, February 15, 2010

Milo Drinks Herbal Tea

I haven't been well. So I made myself a herbal tea as a pick-me-up. As far as Milo is concerned, everything I put in my mouth is good enough for him. I once offered him an orange slice which he licked and then made a face. But after seeing me gorge myself with the rest of the orange slices, he gobbled up his own.

Same with mango.

Same with avocado.

Same with papaya.

Same with orange raisin muffins.

And the odd kai lan.

So today, I was sipping some herbal infusion (a rather fragrant pick-me-up comprising thyme, rosemary and oregano) whilst lounging on the floor. Milo came up and investigated the brew on my breath. He looked interested so I poured out a spoonful for him. He slurped it all up.

The whole family was very amused. Gee... we have a dog who likes herbal teas? No wonder he's such a good-natured doggie. He's vegetarian!! It is an acquired taste for doggies that only the connoisseur doggies can appreciate.


Blur Ting said...

Aw, Milo knows what is good for him! Have you fed him Milo? :-)

petunialee said...

Yup! He's tried Milo and Teh Si!

Chee Hoew said...

Be careful what you feed the pooch. Some things we eat are toxic to dogs, best known example being chocolate.

petunialee said...

Gee...thanks for caring. Friends emailed me already. No more milo, tea and such.