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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stuff Yourselves Silly?

The Daughter has started ANOTHER small business. What's with her and her businesses? When she was 9, she started GiftAChineseName whilst we were living in the USA. She did brisk business by translating American names in Chinese and presenting them in Chinese calligraphy atop a pretty picture. Later on, she dabbled in a supper delivery business at her apartment block.

Now, she has started a Jalan business HERE.

For a fee, she brings tourists around Singapore to foodie places. There are some really interesting places like the TCM bakery where Chinese medicinal herbs are incorporated into breads and buns. At the moment, she is offering to bring people around for free on the condition that they sign into TripAdvisor to write a recommendation.

So... if you feel like stuffing yourself silly with the best of the best Singaporean street food, leave here a note on her website HERE?

1 comment:

My Sinfonia said...

She would so love it! And so would I. Wonderfully entrepreneurial your daughter... wish i was half as bright when i was her age. But hey, its a bright future for singapore with the calibre of these youngsters.