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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Nothing Box

To understand this post, you have to watch the video first.

The Nothing Box has become The Husband's favourite excuse for anything and everything. 

Me: Hey! There were 2 bowls of bak chor mee and 2 bowls of soup and a plate of steamed chicken on TWO big trays. I would have appreciated some help?

The Husband (looking up from his newspapers): Oops! I was in my Nothing Box.

Me: Whut?!


Me: This is not the right drink. I wanted the one with lemongrass. This one has no lemongrass. It has lime.

The Husband (eyes wide): Oh... I must have been in my Nothing Box again!

Me: Grrrrrrrr...


Me: This pair of your shorts is lying on the floor?

The Husband: Errrr... Nothing Box?

Me: Aaaaaaaargh!

I hate that Nothing Box of his! How does one put something in a Nothing Box?

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