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Saturday, August 17, 2013

More About Little J (aka Pimple)

The first post I wrote on Little J, can be found HERE.

Little J's Diagnostic Compo (done for the purpose diagnosing his strengths and weaknesses)
Every single time I pass by the enormous school field, I am sadly reminded of a terrifying experience with a serpent. I encountered danger face to face. That particular day was a wonderful afternoon in May. My friends and I decided to play football at the field after school, but little did we expect, our day would soon be ruined.

Singularly uninspring right?

What Little J Wrote in December 2012 (8 months ago)
One sunny morning the sun rays were shining on the ground, like spears being thrown at the ground. The charming birds are singing. The blue flowers were blooming beautifully .The bees were buzzing busily. The bushes were dancing in the lovely wind. I could smell the sweet nectar from the flowers. There were two boys watching two girls playing badminton. They were having fun as it was one their favourite sports.

This is somewhat more evocative. It was a decent piece of writing for a child at the end of Primary 3.

What Little J Wrote For His School On 27th July 2013 (2 Weeks Ago)
It was a bright and sunny day. The breeze was gentle as it blew against my school uniform. I smelled the fresh air after it rained a few hours earlier. I heard the laughter of children outside the school, telling each other jokes. We had just returned from a learning journey to Little India.

This was quite a bit worse than what Little J did for me in December 2012, 8 months ago. For a boy almost nearing the end of Primary 4, this is quite a DISGUSTING piece of work! He explained to his Mother that the topic was uninspiring, as if that was a good excuse. Right ho! I did bad work but it's not my fault. It's the school's fault for giving me an uninspiring topic. Anyway, Mommy and I refused to accept it. We both conspired to work on this stubborn boy HERE. After my feedback given on 3 Aug and a nice long break on National Day weekend, Little J produced the following.

It's enough to knock your socks off!

What Little J Wrote For Dr Pet On 17th Aug 2013 (today)
Dripping in golden colors, the lofty trees blazed with shades of red and gold. Fallen leaves of many colors carpeted the capacious ground. Piled upon the dew, covering the grass, the crusty brown leaves whirled magically around in a circle, like a tornado sweeping expeditiously the beautiful park. The mystifying colours of the sun shone dazzlingly onto the pile of leaves, glistening brightly. The smell of the ocean breeze blew over their square shoulders and bare necks. This gave them a tingling sensation that everyone gets in the beginning of autumn.

I have come to the conclusion that Little J is a volcano disguised as a pimple. There is so much latent potential in this little one. It really is all about EFFORT! EFFORT! MORE EFFORT! I shall no longer call Little J by his name. I will henceforth call him Pimple... until such a time when his potential explodes into plain sight.


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