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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

GRUB At Bishan Park

The restaurant is called GRUB. It looks like nothing much in the middle of a beautifully landscaped park garden, but queues are long! This said, it's not crowded in the way a mall is crowded. There is plenty of fresh air and space especially during the long wait.

Waiting our turn (45 minutes)

Enjoy the view and chill out whilst waiting. It wasn't too bad a wait because we could chat and explore the gardens. There are also deck chairs.

Chocolate Pot with Chilli Crumble (the spicy and the creamy do a passionate love-hate thing on your tongue... very addictive sensations!)

Panna Cotta

We had the Pork Burger (highly recommended)... the Hamburger (beef) and the Crispy Fish Burger. All 3 were excellent. I'm not into carbo and desserts but readers must try the Chocolate Pot. It's good quality chocolate that went into the making... bitter and not to sweet but creamy and rich. The panna cotta is good too, with passionfruit purée. Most places use raspberry so the passionfruit was a nice change.

We spent about $20/person.

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