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Monday, August 12, 2013

OceanSpoon Dining Inside Sembawang Country Club

A bit lacking in coconut milk

Piping hot and very umami.

Best dish! Very crispy sweet and sour pork.

Delicious prices

OceanSpoon is the name of the restaurant

See! Not many people even on weekends!

Stunning view of a golf course.

It's hard to avoid crowds in Singapore, especially in recent years with the population explosion. With my low immunity, it has become important to find oases of UNcrowdedness. Malls and such are to be avoided. The stink of tropical sweat from a thousand bodies lurk in those air-conditioned spaces. There are people, people and more people everywhere! Half of them jabber in languages unfamiliar to me.

It's a grand thing that I live in a part of Singapore that has always been relatively sparsely populated. The green spaces are disappearing however. Condominiums (3 of them) have mushroomed within 1km of my home, in the past one year. The green lungs are slowly disappearing one by one. It's challenging to find a place that a person with low immunity can go to... places where the next person is 10 m away, not 10 cm away. It's hard to eat out because good restaurants are always crowded and empty restaurants are empty for a reason.

It's hard to have to stay home all the time (to avoid catching every flu and sore throat floating about in the malls). I do so like dining out.

The Husband brought me to a charming eatery (open to the public) that is part of the Sembawang Country Club. See HERE. It's al fresco dining and since it's newly opened, few people are even aware that it's there. The prices were as delicious as the food... and the ambience was fabulous, with a stunning view of a golf course. If you're ever in the area and looking for a place to have lunch or dinner, this restaurant is value for money in a way VERY few places are in Singapore.

Prices of dining out have become exorbitant. It's hard to get decent restaurant food for anything less than $30/= per person... and sometimes, even at $80/= per person, the food is bad (all you get is ambience and nice cutlery). With the passing of our best hawkers, the quality of Singaporean food (sold by restaurant chains and made in centralized kitchens) is dropping faster than Galileo's lead ball. So I was REALLY thrilled to find every bite a delight, whilst breathing in fresh air from a golf course that looked like England had come to Singapore... and able to make free conversation because the next family was seated about 10 m away.

I paid $13 per person for a weekend dinner.


Rachel Tan said...

Yes!!! Prices for dining out in Singapore these days..... Scary!! For that matter, even raw produce a the supermarket is getting expensive, and is more expensive than in Western countries :(

Petunia Lee said...

Rachel - It's the rentals. This place is so very much out of the way that the rental is probably quite low. Also, there are so few people that if they charge more, then no one would go. The food is good though and the ambience excellent.

Blur Ting said...

Oh goodie. Next time when I'm in the area, I know where to eat!

Blur Ting said...

The pork belly is so good too! I think they're good with pork dishes.