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Friday, January 4, 2013

Dr Carol Dweck's Research

I love the work of Dr Carol Dweck, and was thrilled to find a video on it. It is because I KNOW Dr Dweck's research that I criticize so very strongly the Singapore education system's propensity to label our children's intelligence levels and pop them into Streams of Gifted (very smart) Express (smart) and Normal (not as smart).

Enjoy her video...


Moral of the Story: If you want your kids/citizens to keep on striving, stop praising them for innate intelligence and ability. It doesn't matter HOW smart your kids/citizens really are or are not, you will demotivate them. Demotivated kids/citizens, even if very smart, won't perform. Demotivated kids/citizens, if not smart, will do even worse.

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