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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Showing All My Love For You

You know there are men who climb the highest mountain, cross the widest ocean and bash through the densest forest just to prove their love for a woman? I am told that such acts are a very specific Love Language that certain men speak eloquently even though it means little to their Lady Love.

I've just figured out The Husband's Love Language for me (yes... after 20+ years). The Husband shows his love by procuring electronic gadgets of all sorts for my use. When The Husband asked if I wanted a Kindle Reader, I was a staunch believer of paper books. I said that proper paper books smelt good and I could flip the pages. Besides e-books aren't even real books, right?

"Kindle Reader? No way! I am old-fashioned." said I proudly. The Husband got a Kindle Reader anyway. I grumbled and scolded but he shrugged his shoulders. Meanwhile, the Kindle Reader sat gently on his table for 6 months. One fine day, I wanted a book. The Kindle book was a fraction of what the paperback cost on Amazon... and I could get immediate gratification via Kindle wireless.

One minute, no book. Next minute, yes book. 

Waaaaaaaah.... So began my love affair with my Kindle Reader. It's wonderful. I have a whole library in there and it weighs almost nothing in my bag. The Husband put it into a nice brown casing so I feel like a real Cool Mama carrying it around. 

The Husband smiled a little smile.

Then, The Husband asked if I wanted a SMART phone. I didn't exactly know what a SMART phone was but I was sure I didn't want it because it was so expensive. My old phone was only $35 and I could send sms-es just fine. But when I saw how people could use the SMART phone to warn each other about where traffic policemen were hiding in the bushes (it's unseemly how they love to hang out in the bushes!!), I was sold. The Husband went right out and delivered a Samsung Galaxy S3 to right under my nose. I kissed my old handphone lovingly, thanked it for years of loyal service and embraced my Samsung Galaxy S3. And oh... it was lovely. There was Whatsapp. I could keep in touch with different cliques of friends all at the same time and from anywhere. There was Google Maps so I didn't get lost anymore. 

The Husband smiled another little smile.

"But the screen was rather small," I complained. Lo and behold, The Husband conjured up a Galaxy Note. Then, The Husband decided that I should become a Mac convert. I didn't like that very much because the software licenses I had bought to analyze qualitative and quantitative data were all Windows based. The Husband rolled his eyes and bought me an Acer, which died after 6 months and needed $850 to bring back to life. The Husband went and remonstrated with the Service Centre on my behalf, resuscitated my Acer free... and then declared, "I told you a Mac is better!" And then a MacBook Air appeared... which I learnt to LOVE far better than my Acer. 

The Husband smiled again. Smugly, this time.

By this time, I had begun to understand that The Husband knows my high tech desires far better than I know them myself. So when he said I needed a Time Capsule, I did not demur. I wasn't quite sure what  a Time Capsule was but I knew I needed it because The Husband said so.

It turns out that it is this REALLY cool box that wirelessly (and automatically) backs up my entire hard drive... and allows the whole family access to all the family archives. Without having to plug in thumb drives or transfer data, I can access photos and videos of our family from was far back as when the kids were babies. So you see, I was right to trust The Husband on this. I do need a Time Capsule.

Hmmmm... I wonder what else I need next?


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hahahah.. This is such a cute phone. You know, I have a Time Capsule too and I don't know what it does for the past 3 years that it sat in my living room until I read your post! No wonder I have such unlimited capacity! Lol

Petunia Lee said...

Oh yes... unlimited digital storage... videos and audios and MULTIPLE back ups and photos. Really cool little box!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ops I meant 'cute post', Petunia. Lol

Celine said...

Oh the Husband just bought a Mac n the time capsule came along w it... Must try it out after reading your post. Yay now I dun feel like I m the only tech late adopter!

Rachel Tan said...

You'd better keep tight and keep an eye tight on this husband! He sounds to be too much of a darling :) haha.

Petunia Lee said...

OKC - I got that!

Petunia Lee said...

Celine - Hooray for the Time Capsule!

Petunia Lee said...

Rachel - Waaaah... I am never letting you meet my man... :-)

Blur Ting said...

You lucky girl!!

I got CH a Kindle for his birthday some years back, and come to think of it, he buys me gadgets to declare his love too. :)

Petunia Lee said...

Ting - Yup... I rather suspect CH has a lot in common with my hub.