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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Food Republic: Fortunate Restaurant Dim Sum

Red bean paste and banana crepes

Beancurd rolls

Vegetarian parcels

Green egg yolk buns and grey black sesame buns

This is the best ever dim sum place I've found.

Good dim sum in Singapore sets one back by about $45 to $50 per person at my brother's favourite East Ocean Restaurant in Ngee Ann City and my favorite Min Jiang Restaurant in Goodwood Park Hotel.

This place I discovered makes good dim sum for $35/= for 4 people to eat. All the food court dim sum I've tried so far taste very bad. There is more fatty meat than lean meat. The shrimp used is not fresh. Yuck! Fortunate Restaurant that has a presence in many Food Republic foodcourts does good dim sum at small prices.

The fillings of the salted egg yolk buns and black sesame buns are rich and creamy. To die for! The vegetarian parcels are crunchy with loads of black wood ear mushrooms. There are large morsels of springy shrimp everywhere you bite. The prices are small and the food is good. This means the 4 of us indulge once every week! Sometimes twice.


Blur Ting said...

Yes, really good. They use good stuff and fresh ingredients for the fillings!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hey Petunia.. yes.. they are very good. There is a very good place for dim sum at Ang Mo Kio as well. The Husband declares it superior to many restaurants in SG. They have a branch at AMK and one at Bedok. Do try it and let me know what you think. I think the egg tarts and lotus rice is great.