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Friday, January 25, 2013

Trophy Baby

I stepped out momentarily with a Trophy Baby... a baby so cute and attractive that when she chose to take a walk around the swimming pool at the Shangri-La Hotel in her little white dress and pink shoes, EVERY ONE smiled at her and talked to me.

Petunia basked in the reflected glory of this child and wished... oh so wished... that she were mine. This smiley child with eyes like pools of black framed by long lashes.

Meet Beanie... again.

Beanie can talk a little now and she understands everything we tell her. To convince her to leave the poolside... because she was trying to maneuver me with her big and determined eyes to put her IN the pool, I told her that she should go indoors and ask her Mom to give her fish food for the carp in the pond.

Mom of course didn't know what Beanie wanted... and no one really understands Beanie yet even though she understands all of us perfectly well (which just goes to show that kids ARE smarter than adults). Well... one thing lead to another and Beanie started wailing.

Anyway... one packet of toddler crackers went into the carp pond and Beanie was happy again.

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