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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Waterfall Café

I have just discovered a new favourite place to hang out and chill out. Waterfall Café is relatively new. Most people who dine at the Shangri-La head towards The Line for its excellent buffets. However, if you go out the ample glass doors fronting The Line and head past the swimming pool, you come to an oasis of charm and good food.

Few restaurants do armchair seating. The seats are low and soft. The table is higher than a normal coffee table but lower than a dining table so that one does not have to hunch. It's a seating format that relaxes the whole person immediately. They do the same to you at Wild Honey. Wild Honey serves all day breakfast. Since breakfast is a meal one normally takes with hair disheveled and still in PJs, the armchairs and low tables dial down the formality enough within a restaurant setting so that you can wear nice clothes and still feel as cosy as in your PJs. It's a charming juxtaposition of spoil-yourself elegance and be-a-slob charm. 

Everything else (waiters and food) is classy but you don't have to be.

Fine dining isn't Petunia's thing. It means ya gotta wear high heels, walk straight and sit straight. It feels  like dining with one's mother. Mind your manners! Don't let your back touch the chair! A lady keeps her back straight! Put away that book please... no reading at the table. 

So hey... it's nice to eat fine food, be spoilt by butler-ish service... and know that the Slobbish Self can get away with curling up in the corner of an armchair (in shorts and slippers) under a standing lamp with a book. 

Let the service staff do the straight walking... I can do the slob sitting.

Comfortable Armchairs... pssst... the water comes with lemon fragrance!

Pasta... psssst... it ain't cream sauce... it's FOAMED cream sauce

Veal Cheeks

Chickpea Crackers with Grilled Vegetables (a medley of tinkling tastes that tickle the tongue that forms a counterpoint for textures ranging from crispy to soft to crunchy).

The Mocha that isn't on the menu.

Chocolate Lava

Lemon Curd on Shortbread

Kenneth the Server. This one didn't bat an eyelid when I told him I wanted a Café Mocha. I learnt later that there isn't any Café Mocha on the menu. This personalised service was more than impressive. When that Mocha arrived, I decided that I was so going back to the Waterfall Café. The service staff have themselves tasted the menu. I so like restaurants that allow their staff to taste the food. It's so important when they communicate to guests. So yup... Kenneth was no waiter. He was a Food Consultant.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh I've heard about this place but always end up at the Rose Garden for high tea. I'm definitely going there! Maybe for our next outing? :) The excuse can be to celebrate your book sales! Or maybe we just don't need any excuse...

Petunia Lee said...

OKC - Nope... we don't need any excuses!! :-)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh yes Petunia. 10 Scotts does armchair sitting as well and I have a strong feeling you'd like the place a lot

Petunia Lee said...

10 Scotts... I've been meaning to go. Haven't found the time though...

lynklee said...

Would be nice to have a chat with you there! With 2paam and 3 boys. One day!