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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Perfect Mother

Source of Picture HERE.

The perfect mother doesn't exist.

One thing I cannot understand is how some women put down other women for being variously...
- too kiasu if they worry and plan for their kids
- not responsible if they don't worry nor plan for their kids

In my opinion, whether kiasu or irresponsible, every parent I have spoken to can take heart in the message on the poster above. So Moms, let's not beat ourselves up over what we (or others) think we could have done better... or not done well enough. If God wanted us to be perfect, He would have made us that way, no?

Truth is, no one really knows how to parent the absolute correct way. It's a wonderful learning experience that opens women to God's grace and makes us into the Queen Esthers He wants us to become.


Malar said...

I agree with you! I find it very irritating when some people comments on my motherhood style.....sigh.....Every mother has her own way!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

How true. I need to remind myself this..