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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bucket List

The Husband is getting in touch with his own mortality. A time comes in the life of every man when he realizes that he has only so much time left before he kicks the bucket. So all of this morning, The Husband has been berating me for sights that he COULD have seen but DIDN'T because when we were in the country, I didn't wanna go.

Niagara Falls: I had seen pictures and watched the Superman movie. I didn't wanna go there from Pennsylvania. It's been years and The Husband still blames me for it.

Halong Bay: My friend L dissed it. I didn't wanna go. This crime was overlaid upon the Niagara one.

The Great Wall of China: This one required climbing up steep slopes in the cold Beijing winter. I preferred to look at pictures whilst eating jiao zi. The Husband has been huffing and puffing his relief that he had INSISTED on going. I still think it was no big deal. One can google and see The Great Wall of China from outer space. Why go there?

I like to do things I can't experience off my laptop. Like eat snails and climb on salt boats and get silk dresses tailored for me. In Pennsylvania, we visited a Hamish family on a real working farm that doesn't normally accept tourists. Not many people get to see that but everybody sees the Niagara Falls. In Vietnam, we made salt boat friends. In Scotland, we campfired with some Scots who spoke Queen's English one moment and Hobbit English the next.

Hey... I've got but ONE life to live. Why would I wanna spend it living what everyone else lives? This said, I AM glad I married a very conservative husband. He's the only thing that keeps me grounded.


Blur Ting said...

Yes, live like a hippie!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ah I also want to visit the Niagara Falls.. if I dont get to visit the Victoria Falls... :) But you are right about the Great Wall. It's probably better to see it from space. LOL

lynklee said...

Did those three but really, you didn't miss much. Amish family is definitely amazing to visit - I was in Amish country but only passed some carriages, didn't visit. Still a few things in my bucket list, but I don't hold them too close to my heart since there's no telling when the Lord takes away. :)