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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Don't Wait! Buy it!

I took a screenshot of a Private Message someone sent me on the Kiasuparents Forum. This Mommy is number 54 in the queue for NLB's copies of Dr Pet's Book.

Whilst I am thrilled to bits that the queue for Dr Pet's Book at the NLB is so long, I would also like to take the opportunity to encourage parents to BUY the book. You see... this book won't help you if you read it and return it. Though the book is easy to read, the concepts and skills are hard to implement. This is a book that has to be re-read... tagged... highlighted... and referred to. You need to think about the skills over weeks and months, reflecting upon your everyday words and actions.

It's easy to read the book but very hard to change yourself. It is in the process of changing yourself that you will need to re-read the book.

Of course, it does seem that I am trying to make more money from book sales... but it's really not all about the money. This is a technical manual for motivation... written to look like a novel... and marketed as a self-help book... and priced reasonably.

In its capacity as a technical manual, it needs to be referred to every now and then, and if you have to wait for 54 others queuing before you every time you want to refer, your kids will be grown by the time to are able to implement the strategies in the book.

Trust me. Buy the book.


Blur Ting said...

I agree. It is easy to read but one must keep a copy handy to refer to every now and then.

pummanuel said...

I can testify to it. I bought the book in Aug, read it, highlighted it, digested it, and applied it on my daughter. As every mother-child pair is different, I would need to customise the techniques. It's like a guidebook to me. At times, I would find the opportunity to try different techniques or mix different techniques to apply as using the same techniques all the time would allow my daughter to see through my ploy. It's like a cookbook where I mix and match to spring surprises. Many times when I failed in my attempts I would refer to the book. It's like a Bible/Koran/Buddhist scripture where I seek enlightenment and encouragement. In short I often use it.