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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thank You Mr Lim Biow Chuan

Whilst I did comment on George Yeo here and here, I haven't commented on MP Lim's supposed faux-pas. I didn't because I thought he deserved the benefit of the doubt. It isn't fair to jump on a fellow and pummel him when he might have had his words misunderstood.

But gee... misunderstood or not, I really really want to thank MP Lim for clarifying in Temasek Review the following.

I do not agree with the behaviour of Mr Jack Neo and am of the view that it is clearly wrong. However, as a Christian leader and an MP, I do not feel that we should simply condemn the man for his misconduct.


At the time when I made the 1st comment, I did not know that the circumstances would become so complicating as the report only said that Jack Neo had an affair with his colleague and that his wife had forgiven him.

Thank you so much Mr Lim for stating that you do not agree with Jack Neo's behavior and clarifying that your comment arose from having had insufficient information about the case . As a Christian, I understand grace and forgiveness too. But as a woman, I feared that unscrupulous men would conveniently interpret a complete lack of political censure from MPs and Ministers as a license to exploit women.

I also think that people in every walk of life try their best. It's not fair to jump on every peanut of a word and abuse the poor MP online. Everybody needs encouragement. It's poor citizenship to bash public figures for no good reason. It's mob lynching.

So Mr Lim ... I thank you for your courage to state your stand and show us that you are cognizant of the power of an MP's words to sculpt mentalities and educate the populace. And don't let yourself be discouraged by the continued online bashing. Gee... thank God it's online and not real bashing or it would be a dangerous life!!

Now, George Yeo?

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