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Monday, March 8, 2010

On an Echinacea Roll

12 Baby Echinacea in Nursery Cots

Kid Echinacea from JS

Young Adult Echinacea from Last Year

I last wrote about the echinacea in a post entitled echinacea root. The effects of the root on Little Boy were spectacular. The flu was gone by nightfall. When I fell ill some weeks after, the flu was gone by the next day after 3 doses of the root. The Daughter's flu didn't last long either.

Of course, I can't tell whether the echinacea root did the trick... or whether those were particularly feeble strains of flu. I rather think that it was the echinacea because flu bugs nowadays tend to be virulent (and that is to put it rather mildly)... so to have one appear and disappear by the next day is almost miraculous. However, one cannot be sure since there wasn't any experimental control. You can't very well tell one child that you are withholding echinacea from him but giving it to his sister so that you can ascertain whether echinacea is an effective cure for flu.

There seems to be something rather morally reprehensible about that huh?

In any case, I was intrigued enough by the results of my first echinacea trial, to want to grow and eat more of the herb. It takes about a year to bring the plant to bloom and apparently, the roots are only potent when the plant has produced blooms. I was in an impatient hurry to get more echinacea growing in my garden.

I am most pleased now to have 15 healthy plantlets.

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