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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Conspiracy Theory

The internet is abound with conspiracy theories. Many quarters say that PAP is trying to hush up the George-Jack matter because it makes them look bad. Well... I have been inspired to formulate my own conspiracy theory!!

I think that PAP has asked The Sex-Starved Caveman to prove his innocence. "Go on Jack! If she is lying, sue her! Prove your innocence... or else..." Now, if a party elder like Lee Kuan Yew (or Goh Chok Tong ... or Lee Hsien Loong) eyeballs you and softly says "Or else..." you had better do something.

So of course The Sex-Starved Caveman did something. He picked up his prehistoric clubs and shook them at Princess Foyce threatening to drag her by the hair to court. Feisty Princess Foyce was outraged that he should accuse her when she had so graciously refrained in the past from dragging him to the police by his caveman penis.

Princess Foyce went to The Police.

Now... the PAP will sit back whilst The Police gather the facts using techniques they are trained in and have tried on numerous other cavemen with great success. I don't think the PAP will try to hush this up. Men in PAP are not of such ilk. Besides, the political fallout of hushing this up is too great. They will LOSE Aljunied and LOSE BIG! If they want to save Aljunied, they need to housekeep their own party.

PAP wants the facts. If facts point to Jack Neo's innocence, then Petunia has to eat her words (I would be most relieved to because then I know my favorite party is fine) and George Yeo's near hero status in her eyes will be restored. If facts point to Jack Neo's dirty penis as a key culprit, then PAP will castrate The Sex-Starved Caveman themselves. Castrate The Sex-Starved Caveman figuratively I mean. Not really castrate him. Though in my view, the latter is preferable and it can be done under general anaesthesia quite humanely too. I know because my dog Milo was done to.

I don't think it is practical for PAP to comment now. It is still possible that Jack Neo has done nothing against the law. It is not quite right for PAP to jump on the Sex-starved Caveman unless they know for sure that that is the right thing to do. Once the facts are out, comment or action will be more appropriate. Meanwhile, it makes no sense to stoke the fire, so The Straits Times has decided to not give anymore updates on the issue. That is fine because social harmony is important.

This said, I still think that women should not vote for George Yeo.

We love Princess Foyce.


Anonymous said...

Like so many things in Singapore, it looks like there will no justice in this case. Jack Neo has managed to put a chill on everyone by threatening to sue for defamation. This includes SPH.

As the sense of moral outrage fades, the police will not be inclined to do anything.

Within a month, all will be forgotten and it will be like this never happened.

God let you see this for a reason and you must ask Him why.

petunialee said...

Aurvandil - Wait and see? LKY is still around.

Jack Neo MUST sue or he can't clear his name. PAP may be telling him that.

Jack MUST sue to preserve credibility. A police report lodged PLUS him suing SPH? Sue Temasek Review too? Sue everybody?

He's damned if he does because truth will out. He's damned if he doesn't because PAP is asking their grassroots rep for a reckoning.

SPH won against TT Durai remember? Jack is up against the big boys if he sues SPH and TR. PAP will wait and see, dignified and implacid.

If I were PAP, I would use the legal machinery to expose him... and then comment.

Why don't we wait and see what cornered Jack does? Don't underestimate the power of God. He won't work through me again but there are other Christians in SPH and elsewhere at His disposal.

I'm not worried.

petunialee said...

Aurvandil - I know people working in SPH. They aren't spineless. If they have printed something, they will either stand by it in court or print a retraction.

Durai lost even though he was buddy buddy with Goh Chok Tong and Mrs. That says something about the integrity of men in PAP.

As citizens we work with our government, not against it. Let's not draw premature pessimistic conclusions yet.

Watch and wait.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, he sent out the lawyer letters. The intent was mainly to intimidate. I don't think he will be proceeding to sue.

For the police report, the SMS released so far look relatively harmless. Unless Foyce steps forward to provide more details, it is hard for the police to move any further.

With a lack of new information and SPH being very careful with anything they publish, this issue will die a natural death. It will fade from the public eye and be forgotten.

The crocodile as you so aptly put it will however still be there. As his movies are unlikely to sell well in Singapore in the near future, Jack Neo will probably move on to some other place like Hong Kong, Taiwan and China where it will be just a matter of time before he reverts to his old tricks on the young girls there.

Just my take on how things will most likely play out.

petunialee said...

Aurvandil - Hmmm... maybe... we'll see. We don't know enough do we?

Even crocodiles deserve due process. There IS a legal and police process, why jump to conclusions?

Anonymous said...

As expected, the Jack Neo incident has died down. The inconvinent truths have not been investigated further and everyone has moved on.

Unfortuantely the lingering message from the whole incident is that it is OK for men of power and influnece in Singapore to sexually harass women.

Temasek Review has published a report based on a New Paper article of how YOG delegates sexually harassed young women who volunteered for the Youth Olumpic Games (YOG). This was not an single case but one which involved several different young women.

Going by the things played out the last time, it is likely that everyone will again look the other way as powerful and influential men are involved.

petunialee said...

Aurvandil - It takes time for police to investigate. In this case, with the recent hoo-ha us mature women created about sexual harassment, the younger girls are more aware of their rights. They have reported... I don't like leaping to premature conclusions. I commented on George Yeo because his blog rally is there for all to see. In this case, I don't see anything yet. I am more inclined to wait and see.