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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Biggest Mulberries EVER!

My mulberry plant has never done well. I fertilised heavily because I know it is a fruiting plant and needs a lot of food... but Ms Mulberry was always skinny. And it was often attacked by scale insects. Then I found out about high brix farming and I tried out my balanced feeding regime which rotated fertilisers from week to week.

Week 1: Fermented milk (condensed milk + 1 acidophilus capsule)
Week 2: Seaweed extract
Week 3: Fish emulsion
Week 4: Phostrogen chemical fertiliser
Week 5: High phosphorus chemical fertiliser
Week 6: Rest

The plants seem to like it. I'm not really a high brix farmer though but the idea of giving my plants a balanced nutrition makes a lot of sense.


Blur Ting said...

Woo, they look super yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hiyas Pet,

Could you advise me on where you got the acidophilus capsules, and high phosphorus fertilizer from, and how much they might cost?

I'm actually experimenting with MSG and phostrogen right now, and want to see which gives the best combination in any forms.


petunialee said...

Acidophilus capsules from Guardian Pharmacy.

High phosphorus fert from FEF. It comes in a plastic container and states NPK as 15:45:15.

Brand Poly Fert/P
by New Eastern Pte Ltd

I can't remember cost but I think more cost effective that soft phosphate.

petunialee said...

Ting - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that 15:45:15 that I read in one of the threads.

Apparently, phostrogen has many of the trace elements needed also. So, doing experimentations.

Thanks, Pet!

Chawanmushi said...

Wow ... petunia, the mulberries look huge and I love it this way too.
When you do the different weekly fert. program may I know if you do it once a week and then water normally for the rest of the week or everyday of that week you apply the required fert.?

petunialee said...

Hi Chawan,
It takes me 3 days to completely use up the lot of fermented milk. I give everyday until the solution is all used up.

The rest of the week, I use plain tap water.

The others are given one day in the week. The rest of the fertilisers are given one day in the week and the rest of the week, I give tap/rain water.